Vibromassage - the path to beauty

  • 2010-10-13

Every woman wants  her skin to stay elastic and clear in adulthood. For these purposes, there is a large army of specialists in spas and beauty salons, nutritionists, physiatrists and trainers from fitness centers at their disposal. Expensive medicine or a plastic surgeon’s scalpel can help to get rid of wrinkles. But there is another effective and affordable way to preserve youth - vibromassage.

Vibromassage is an influence on the tissue using a device. The attachment of the device transmits vibrations to the part of the body it touches. The vibration spreads from the skin to the tissues lying beneath it. Thus, blood and lymph circulation improves and the body receives a general tonic effect. Doctor of Medicine Alexey Nemchenko, who treats patients at the medical center “Vibromed,” has been engaged in the development and popularization of vibromassage for almost 40 years. His accumulated experience allows him to fight effectively for health and beauty.

Away with the wrinkles!
Vibromassage is more efficient than conventional “manual” facial massage (which affects only the upper layers of the skin), because it operates at a deep level, causing the muscles to contract. It can be used to make peeling, lifting, to form the desired shape of the face, and even adjust the shape of the nose (for example, remove the curvature). After the procedure the skin becomes elastic, its color improves, capillary network disappears and a natural blush appears. 

This happens because the concussor softens collagen fibers under the skin. As a result, even the deepest wrinkles smooth, and the bags under the eyes disappear. After a few sessions the face becomes noticeably thinner, double chin “melts” and lop cheeks “leave.” After a set of procedures the effect lasts for about six months. “I have tried my device with a cosmetic amber attachment for the first time more than 15 years ago,” says Alexey Nemchenko. “My patient had problems with the skin - heterogeneity, pallor, acne. After 15 treatments we have straightened a double nasolabial fold and pulled up her face so nicely, that the family even tried to find scars from a plastic operation behind her ears. In addition to amber I use gold and ebonite attachments in my practice. They all have certain properties and are used depending on the patients’ problems.”

Say good-bye to cellulite
Vibromassage destroys the capsules, which contain fat cellulite. Therefore, it is beneficial to the problem areas that are most exposed to the effect of “orange peel” - the hips and buttocks. In 3-5 sessions, you can get rid of 2-3 extra kilograms and postnatal stretching at the same time. Keloid scars become less visible.

Thick beautiful hair - this is real!
Vibromassage can successfully fight against hair loss. We lose hair as a result of malnutrition, trauma, radiation, heredity, stress and so on. But whatever the cause is, the skin of the head gets compacted, the blood vessels compress, and the hair left with “starvation rations” stops growing. Vibrotherapy restores atrophied capillaries: they regain their elasticity; hair follicles begin to get good nutrition. Usually, the condition of hair improves considerably after 20-25 sessions.

At this time, the inventions of Dr. Nemchenko in the vibromassage sphere, such as devices for vibrotherapy, cosmetics and sports medicine (patent number 12937 and number 12714 of the Republic of Latvia) do not have any analogue in the world. These devices can smoothly adjust the frequency of vibration from 0 to 600 Hz, amplitude from 0.1 to 4 mm and acceleration from 0 to 300G. In addition, they are capable of affecting muscle fibers perpendicularly and longitudinally.

The devices have low weight – from 200 to 850 grams; Power consumption on AC and DC - from 50 to 200 W and more. Vibromassage devices have a triple electro and sound protection. According to international standards, balanced head of moving mechanisms has built-in compensators, which protect the hands of the masseur from constant vibrations. The vibromassage device comes with a large set (about 10 pieces) of easily replaceable vibro-tods designed to solve a particular problem in medicine, cosmetics and sports. Dr. Nemchenko’s devices can also be used at home.

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