Hundreds evactuated following ferry explosions

  • 2010-10-11
  • TBT Staff

The Lisco Gloria was fully evactuated. Rescuers managed to prevent any deaths.

VILNIUS -- Nearly 250 people have been evacuated from a Lithuanian ferry ship that caught fire after a number of explosions tore through the upper decks.

None of the 249 people on board were killed, but 28 suffered injuries and had to be airlifted to a hospital to receive medical treatment. The majority of those injured suffered from the effects of smoke inhalation.

Two explosions rocked the upper decks of the 650 foot Lisco Gloria, a Lithuanian flagged ferry, on Saturday, sparking a massive blaze. The ship was travelling to the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda from the German port of Keil at the time of the fire.

It is believed that the fire started in one of the vehicles held in the cargo hold of the ship. Subsequent explosions caused the fire to spread rapidly.

Initial fears that an oil spill might result - the ship was carrying 170 tons of fuel - proved unfounded when the fire burned itself out.