Blonde island resort plans spark media maelstrom

  • 2010-10-08
  • TBT Staff

The company says that photos of half-naked women on it's products, such as these lighters, helps to shatter stereotypes about blonde women being unintelligent.

VILNIUS -- A Lithunian company's plans to create a resort island in the Maldives staffed entirely by beautiful blonde women has created an international media sensation as it draws harsh criticism for being discriminatory.

The Lithuania-based "Olialia" has already built a business empire, with dozens of products advertised by beautiful, scantily-clad blonde models dressed up as scientists and businesswomen.

Their latest plan to create a resort island staffed wholly by blondes (even the pilots and flight attendents on the plane there would be blonde), has now drawn the attention of major news outlets in nearly every European country.

The company claims that their products help to shatter stereotypes of blonde women. Critics, however, argue that the use of beautiful, half-naked blondes to advertise their products only further objectifies women.

In an English-language press release, the company acknowledged the media attention, but downplayed plans to build a resort.

"„Olialia“ team received lots of attention from foreign media consurning (sic) THE TOTALLY BLOND ISLAND IN MALDIVES... While the Maldives project is still in the pipelines we can discuss other 75 already living and breathing „Olialia“ projects, such as „Olialia Cola“, „Olialia Models“ and so on," the English-language press release said.