Annual leave in Lithuania

  • 2010-08-04
  • By Lina Kaucikaite, Associate Lawyer.

ECOVIS Miškinis, Kvainauskas ir partneriai advokatų kontora.

(continued from last week)

Procedure for taking annual leave. During the first year of employment, the teaching staff of educational institutions shall be granted annual leave during the summer holiday for school children and students, irrespective of the date when the staff began to work at the respective institution. Annual leave for the persons who are studying without interruption of their employment shall be adjusted, at their request, with the time of their examinations, tests, work on a graduation thesis, laboratory work and consultations.

Persons who are taking care of sick or disabled persons at home, as well as persons who are suffering from chronic diseases which become more acute depending on the atmospheric conditions, shall be granted their annual leave at the time of their choice subject to a recommendation of a health institution. Annual leave, at the request of the employee, may be taken in installments. But one installment of annual leave may not be shorter than 14 calendar days.

Payment for annual leave. All employees are guaranteed average pay for their annual leave. Employees are paid for their annual leave three calendar days before their annual leave starts, at the latest. Where the pay due the employee is not paid at the prescribed time, not through the fault of the employee, annual leave shall be extended by as many days as the pay was delayed, and the pay for the extended period shall be the same as the pay for annual leave.

It is important to mention that the annual leave may not be replaced by monetary compensation. If the employee cannot be granted annual leave due to the termination of an employment relationship or where the employee does not wish to go on leave, he shall be paid a monetary compensation. The compensation for the unused annual leave shall be paid by terminating the contract of employment irrespective of its term. The amount of the compensation shall be determined in accordance with the number of working days of the unused annual leave for this period of employment. If the employee was not granted annual leave for a period longer than one year, the compensation shall be paid for all the period of the unused annual leave.