Latvija in brief - 2010-07-29

  • 2010-07-28

On July 21 police detained a woman (born in 1964) for stabbing and killing her husband, reports LETA. She told officers that she was sick of him. It turns out that this woman was previously on trial for murdering her previous husband. State Police spokesman Toms Sadovskis said that at around midnight, police received a domestic disturbance call from an apartment on Stures Street in Riga. A conflict had broken out between a woman and her husband; during the melee the woman stabbed the man (born in 1970) several times in the stomach. A neighbor entered the apartment at the time of the murder, and quickly left to call police. The victim died from his injuries at the scene. The woman herself was only released from prison two years ago, where she was serving a sentence for murdering her previous husband.

About two-thirds of retail trade and public catering companies inspected by the Food and Veterinary Service fail to fully observe hygiene requirements, the Food and Veterinary Service said, reports In July so far, the Food and Veterinary Service inspectors have ascertained that 65.9 percent of retail trade firms, and 68 percent of public catering enterprises do not fully observe hygiene requirements, whereas product storage temperature rules are violated at 22.7 percent of retail trade and 11.5 percent of public catering companies. So far this month, the Service has inspected 1,224 enterprises, including 676 retail trade enterprises and 548 public catering enterprises. The Food and Veterinary Service urges residents to report any possible violations that they may come upon at retail trade and public catering enterprises, and report these violations by calling 67027402.

President Valdis Zatlers has decided not to give interviews or comment on the prime ministerial candidates nominated by Latvia’s political parties until he appoints a new prime minister following this autumn’s general election, says an article in the daily Diena. When choosing the country’s next prime minister, Zatlers will consider the ability of each candidate to ensure majority government support in the Saeima. The president considers it important that Latvia continues its cooperation with the IMF and the European Commission, and also that the country remains on the correct path to economic recovery. Candidates for the post of prime minister should also be able to give assurances regarding the continuity of Latvian foreign and security policy. This means that the priority should remain cooperation with the EU, NATO and the U.S., while also engaging in dialogue with Russia and other countries to the east.