Latvija in brief - 2010-07-14

  • 2010-07-14

Saeima, in a July 12 emergency session, confirmed Prosecutor Eriks Kalnmeiers for the office of prosecutor general, reports LETA. In a secret ballot without debate, 54 were in favor, 25 were opposed, but 12 abstained. He told reporters after the vote that “It won’t be easy for me,” though he promised to have a “strong backbone.” He starts work in the post immediately. Kalnmeiers said that he would begin with various improvements and stricter demands on the part of chief prosecutors. “We see their results in court. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in acquittals of late,” he said. Born in 1960, Kalnmeiers has a Master’s degree in law from the University of Latvia. Previously he was the Chief Prosecutor for Criminal Court Cases at the Criminal Law Department of the Prosecutor General’s office. He has worked in prosecution since 1987. Kalnmeiers takes over the post from Janis Maizitis.

A counterfeit power of attorney was ascertained at the office of notary public Lauma Sneidere recently - fraudsters had planned to use the forged power of attorney to take out a large loan in a foreign bank, Vija Pizica, Executive Director at the Latvian Council of Notaries Public said, reports The con-men arrived at Sneidere’s office with a power of attorney, allegedly certified by a Moscow notary. If endorsed by a Latvian notary, the document would have given the company and its director, a citizen of Uzbekistan, the right to take further action abroad, Pizica said. Sneidere checked the power of attorney and verified that it was a forgery. If this had not happened, the con-men would have had access to major monetary resources in foreign banks, worth several trillion U.S. dollars. Sneidere’s office informed the police about the forged document.

July 9 marked three years that Valdis Zatlers has held the office of president of Latvia. Zatlers admited that there have been a few minor mistakes in his work, but “very many good things have also been done,” Zatlers said in an interview with LNT television, reports LETA. “I had the honor to nominate two prime ministers and work with three governments, I suggested a bill to give voters the right to dismiss the Saeima before term,” said Zatlers, adding that his visits to various towns and villages across Latvia were the most pleasing aspect of his job. He admitted that every decision he made would have certain consequences. It is hard to say though if any of his decisions should have been different, Zatlers said. He has kept silent on whether he was ready to run for a second term in office.