Ansip defines next issues

  • 2010-06-17
  • From wire reports

TALLINN - At the Reform Party’s general assembly on June 13, Estonian Prime Minister and party chairman Andrus Ansip stated that Estonia needs to become a so-called Nordic tiger - the fastest-growing country in the region that would offer the best education as well, reports Postimees Online. “We have heard it many times asked, what would be the next big objective for Estonia? What would happen to Estonia after the euro would be adopted?” noted Ansip at the party assembly.

“We do not have to start from scratch when searching for an answer - Estonia is already one of the most integrated countries with the West in the Nordic region; we are a member of the EU, NATO, the Schengen area, in the OECD and rather soon in the euro area. We need to move forward from here,” he said.

“I want Estonia to have the best business environment in the Nordic region and the economy to be the fastest-growing one here,” said the Reform Party chairman. “I want Estonia to provide the best Nordic education,” he added.
According to the prime minister, his party has clearly stated that the continuation of the education reform is one of the key issues for the next four years. “Higher wages, better protection against unemployment and bigger pensions - these are the most important results for people in Estonia, if we will be able to provide them with good-quality education,” he stated.
Ansip said that education, energy and the economy will be the very key issues for the next four years.

“In order to be the fastest-growing economy in the Nordic region after the crisis as well, we need to have the best business environment in the Nordic countries,” stated Ansip, adding that in addition to a good education system, other important factors for achieving this are greater energy security and a modern and efficient state administration.
“We need greater supply stability, including our own peaceful national nuclear program. The state needs to function efficiently, the growth in competitiveness needs to be supported and the quality of public services improved without increasing public sector spending,” he said.

“Our objective must be to offer the citizens a better state for the same amount of money,” emphasized the party chairman.