Latvenergo heads detained

  • 2010-06-16
  • Oskars Magone

Latvenergo board chairman Karlis Mikelsons was one five businessmen detained by KNAB. (photo: Latvenergo)

RIGA - Several senior figures at Latvenergo, Latvia's national energy company, have been detained by the National Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, KNAB, on suspicion of graft.

Five prominent businessmen connected with the energy company - including the company's president Karlis Mikelsons, Chief Operating Officer Aigars Melko, "Sadales tikls" board chairman Ivars Liuziniks and his deputy Andrejs Stalazs, as well as "Sadales tikls" technical director for the eastern region Edgars Vitkovskis - were taken into custody by the corruption watchdog on June 15.

Ministry of Economy representative Sandris Sabajevs told online news portal Delfi that the Latvenergo officials are suspected of misuse of public office, bribery and money laundering.They have been detained for48 hours for questioning. 

It is unclear at the moment whether the men will be formally arrested and charged. Authorities have said they will not release any more information about the case until the end of the 48-hour detention period.

Criminal activity among the group has allegedly been taking place since 2006.

Latvenergo is one of Latvia's largest state run companies. It's core business revolves around the generation and sale of electricity and thermal energy. The subsidiaries of Latvenergo Group – Augstsprieguma tīkls AS and Sadales tīkls AS – provide electricity transmission and distribution services.