Jurmala Mayor arrested for graft

  • 2010-05-19
  • Oskars Magone

The Jurmala city mayor was arrested for allegedly offering a substantial bribe to fellow city council mebers. (photo: city of Jurmala)

JURMALA - Jurmala city mayor Raimonds Munkevics has been arrested by the Latvian anti-corruption bureau (KNAB) in connection with bribery and corruption.

Munkevics is accussed of having offered a 5,000 lat bribe to a fellow city council member in an effort to secure a favorable vote in a motion of no-confidence that would have removed him from office.

KNAB officers arrested Munkevics last night and performed a search of both his office and home. Munkevics' fellow party member and "Jurmala Emergency Medical Services" board member Normunds Pirants was also arrested, LETA reported.

The anti-corruption bureau searched both the office and home of the city mayor before arresting him. The mayor's lawyer, Aivo Leimanis, was also taken into custody.

Munkevics was facing an almost certain loss of a vote of no-confidence after eight members of the 15-strong city council submitted a letter calling for the vote. The vote was scheduled to take place on May 20.