Viagra: the pluses and minuses

  • 2010-04-22

The newest invention of scientists - a drug to increase blood flow to the heart muscle and to lower your blood pressure didn’t fulfill expectations. But it was noted that this drug provides significant blood flow increase to male genitals, and, as a result improves the quality of erections. And it was also noted that it acts only when a man feels a natural sexual arousal, and when the sexual act is over, relaxation occurs in the usual way. It was its undeniable novelty and the secret of huge popularity. This medicine was named “Viagra”.

Whom can “Viagra” help?
Studies show that “Viagra” can help patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction, diabetes, atherosclerosis, damage to the nerves that go to the vessels of the penis, spinal cord injuries and other related clinical conditions, as well as people who take a lot of different medications simultaneously, etc. However, this drug is not able to treat all types of erectile dysfunctions, therefore, you should consult a doctor before use.

Caution doesn’t hurt
Everyone has heard about “Viagra”. But only a few know about its side effects and about serious consequences after uncontrolled usage. Caution in the use of “Viagra” is needed for people who control various kinds of mechanisms, because sometimes a person may experience a quickly passing change of chromatic sensitivity with a predominance of blue colors. In this regard, the managers of one American airline company have forbidden their pilots to take “Viagra” an hour before a flight.

Constant medical supervision while taking the drug is obligatory for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart failure, angina, ischemic attack). This should be remembered if there are symptoms such as pain in the heart when having physical stress and / or when resting, impaired memory and mental performance, progressing over the past several months. Those who suffered a heart attack or stroke should also take this question seriously. This means that one should consult a doctor about the advisability of taking “Viagra”.

Since “Viagra” is involved in the biochemical processes associated with the exchange of nitric oxide, it can interact with other drugs - nitrates, which are used to treat heart diseases. Therefore, any man who takes nitrates in any form, should not use “Viagra” under any circumstances. Caution must also be exercised for those patients who have previously had priapism (prolonged, usually painful erection, which is not connected with sexual excitement). Although there have been no reports of priapism occurring because of the use of “Viagra,” patients who have a predisposition to its occurrence also require serious medical control.

Side effects of “Viagra”
The most common side effects: headache (15.8%), sudden reddening of the face and neck (10,5%), anosmia (5.5%) and redness of the nasal cavity (4,2%). These side effects are usually transient in nature, slightly and moderately expressed, and do not force the need to stop treatment.

If a man is healthy
Regarding the effect of “Viagra” on healthy men, who have heard about the miraculous drug and want to satisfy their curiosity, then, according to the experts at “Pfizer,” “Viagra” does not render any effect on them! This means, that if after the use of a “Viagra” pill you feel a revolutionary breakthrough in your own sexuality, then, apparently, you should go for consultation to an andrologist. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have any disease, but an examination wouldn’t hurt.