More than skin deep

  • 2010-03-17
  • By Ludmila Nikitina

RIGA - Nowadays, cosmetology and healthcare have achieved a status that cannot be challenged by any industry in the world. We cannot live without shampoo, toothpaste, skin creams. But we are not all thinking about what certain cosmetics consist of. A healthy way of life and the mass enthusiasm for the various techniques of rehabilitation, rejuvenation and detoxification has been in fashion for a very long time.

People who lead healthy lifestyles not only control their diet, eliminating from the menu food which badly influences the body, but also pay close attention to the cosmetic products that they use. We try to use cosmetics that would suit our skin the best and won’t cause allergic reactions or affect our body negatively.
Organic cosmetics, where the dyes are replaced with natural juices, such as from beets, oranges and so on, create the basis of various natural materials and are selected according to famous recipes from the ancient times.
The ‘real’ spring is not too far away and it keeps reminding us that it is time to ‘wake up’ after a very long and cold winter, and to pay more attention to your body. 

The cold wind and regular air temperature fluctuations have a negative impact on our skin and hair. Experts do not recommend using organic cosmetics in winter, because such a concentration of natural substances and vitamins is not useful for everybody, and can lead to an allergic reaction, especially if the body is weakened.

Therefore, we want to give you some advice on the use of certain products. A sea salt bath is a great way to relieve fatigue, and for body relaxation, treatment of various skin diseases and prevention of colds.
It is also excellent for manicures, as it whitens and smoothes the nails, and strengthens nail growth. A salt footbath relieves swelling after a hard day at work, smoothens rough skin and helps to prevent sweating.

An indispensable procedure to maintain the youth and health of the skin is body and face peeling. In the peeling, there is usually salt and sugar, but it can also contain other natural scrubs, such as coffee, various seeds, etc. However, the most popular among consumers is salt peeling, since the structure of crystals is smooth and does not scratch the skin.
While choosing cosmetics for skin care, you should pay attention to the oil concentration in the products. Cocoa butter, olive and coconut oil, Shea butter, and many others contain amino acids and vitamins, which are good for the regeneration process. Essential oils help to improve blood circulation, relieve stress and even heal minor skin damage. 

And bear in mind that spring is the right time to start taking vitamins. It will help to prevent sickness and will keep your body, hair, nails and skin in a good, healthy condition.