Qigong : the way to health improvement

  • 2010-03-10
  • By Ilona Alekseeva, The Qigong specialist

Throughout history humanity invented various methods of making our life on Earth more comfortable. Science technical progress allows us to research Space, to develop engineering and to clone live organisms. All our achievements still cannot explain the processes of some widespread diseases. We know very little about diabetes, adiposity, heart attacks, strokes and depression. What should we know about ourselves to avoid these diseases? What problems are serious and take general place to us? Every day we become older, aging processes cannot be stopped. We know very little about the processes, which happen in our organism and we have very little sources to struggle with bad effects of living.  The second big problem is suffering. Suffering causes mental disease, which then becomes internal diseases of our physical body.

It’s tightly connected with mind and spirit. We are sick if we are lonely, misunderstood or we are in love without answer. Our mind suffers, our body connections are broken, and so sufferings lead to the more serious illnesses and even to death. You need to find something to treat your broken connection, something to find balance again inside you.

One of the most suitable forms to find balance between body and soul to threat various diseases is qigong. Qigong is an ancient Chinese doctrine of self regulation. It’s a way of thinking. Qigong is a method of energetic-information dialogue between person and surroundings. The Chinese transcription of word Qigong is written in two hieroglyphs: Qi means space, air, atmosphere, weather, climate, power, energy, vital force and Gong, which means action, work, which is necessary to learn about energy operation and force. Thus, the Qigong - is a doctrine of correct use of energy: reception from environment, transformation to organism and radiation of it.

Some sources link Qigong initiation with extreme antiquity. First mention of it was almost a thousand years ago. Qigong like Chinese medicine is mentioned in the oldest classic medicine work ‘YellowEmperor’s Inner Canon’. There were mentioned five methods of Qigong treatment: stone needle acupuncture, use of specially prepared medicines, cauterisation, method of nine needles and ‘tao jin an ch’iao’ method. In the centre of this method are eight words: to exhale, to inhale, to spit out, to type, to hang like a bear, to extend like a bird. Method of Tao Jin describes conducting and attraction. It’s the oldest form of static and dynamic Qigong.

The Qigong system can treat and strengthen the organism. It tries to regulate connections between the nervous system and the brain and between the brain and system of blood vessels of the heart. This method allows to strengthen system functions, to correct organism reactions, to play a role of self-checking in bio function processes. Your organism has a complex rest. It promotes strengthening of brain functions, deep and proper breathing, treatment of vegetative nervous system diseases.
Proper techniques of deep breathing have a massage effect to the stomach. It makes your diaphragm very mobile in comparison with usual work. Its mobility increases 4-5 times. It can take positive effect to stomach work, to strengthen appetite and make prophylactic for illnesses. In case of serious stomach disease it can improve conditions for medical treatment.  

In conclusion, Qigong regular practice can relieve anxiety, promote restoration and regulation of organism and strengthen resistibility. Those people, who practice this method can feel an internal source of energy circulating inside. This energy fulfills all of the body reaching finitenesses and joints. Qigong has extremely great value for blood circulation and formation, digestion, resistibility of organism to environment pollution and etc.

There is wide spread a certain kind of Qigong named Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) in Baltics, Grand Master Xu Mingtang is the leader of this School. It has 7000 years history and is one of the highest levels of Qigong.  It consists of almost all Qigong schools’ elements. It is free from any religion and has no any ideological aims. This system is based on basic elements of Chinese medicine and philosophy: theories of Yin and Yang, Wu Xing, acupuncture meridians and biologically active points of organism.