Wet weather shopping

  • 2010-03-04
  • By Ludmila Nikitina

FOOTWEAR FETISH: Any of these pairs of rubber boots will get you through the slush and the snow.

RIGA - Winter this year has shocked Baltic residents with its strong frosts and plenty of snow.
According to weather forecasters, this winter has been the coldest and the snowiest for the past hundred years. Of course, lots of snow allows us happily to spend our free time sledding, skiing or ice-skating. Kids are frolicking and getting maximum pleasure from the winter, but parents dig their cars out of snow ‘mountains,’ cleaning roofs, driveways and get stuck on every street corner. The city struggles with an abundance of snow for the second month and is horrified when thinking about the thaw that is soon to set in...

Are we ready for such a ‘gift’ of nature? Over the last week, weather forecasters have repeatedly warned us about the warming which could lead to flooding of city streets. People were joking that it’s about the right time to exchange cars for boats, otherwise you will not get out.

And, of course, everybody is worried about the preservation of footwear, which we are already paying enough attention to. Fashionable women are used to wearing shoes by famous Italian designers, which often have intricate designs and high heels.
However, this season’s trends have slightly changed ladies’ preferences, and in fashion are the funny UGG boots. These boots are meant for women, men, as well as for children. Manufacturers around the world have come up with a great variety of ideas for these boots.

But are these fashionable boots useful during the thaw? Certainly not...
Against the backdrop of projected warming in Latvia and the Baltics overall, a huge demand for rubber boots has started. According to the media, the Latvian shoe stores recorded an unprecedented demand for rubber footwear, exceeding forecasts of merchants by several times. Compared with February last year, sales of rubber boots rose by several thousand times.
Traders forecast that demand for such footwear will grow and they cannot even imagine what will happen in local stores in a month when the process of melting snow will be well under way. Progressive people have already bought rubber boots in shops around the world, saying that it is better to overpay a bit for early delivery, and on one fine morning soon, when the city begins to sink, they won’t be stuck at home.

In the city it is no longer possible to cross roads at the pedestrian crossings, since they are flooded, and the situation becomes more complicated with each degree going above zero.
Quite recently, there was a special sale of rubber boots in local supermarkets and I was sincerely sorry that I did not buy any, but maybe you’ll get lucky! Given the cataclysmic nature, they can still be useful.
Summing up, I will say that the producers of rubber footwear rose to the occasion and presented the world with a huge selection of rubber boots. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that women’s rubber boots may improve, with heels, and look no worse than evening shoes.

Overall, dear ladies, you shouldn’t think that the rubber boots were invented only for a hike in the woods for mushrooms, for fishing or working on the farm. I believe you will find exactly what will bring you joy and amazement in others, with their colors and design.