ID cards move e-Society forward

  • 2010-01-13
  • From wire reports

RIGA - Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers approved on Jan. 12 the concept of electronic ID cards, developed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Governments, which means introduction of a new ID document in Latvia - the electronic identification card (eID) - is on the way, reports news agency LETA. “Electronic identification cards will serve not only for identification of residents abroad or in Latvia, when receiving state or local government services, but also for electronic authorization.

The role of the new ID cards will grow as e-governance develops and a large number of state and local government services will be made accessible electronically,” the Regional Development and Local Government Affairs Minister Edgars Zalans (People’s Party) said.

The electronic ID cards that are to be introduced in Latvia will comply with the regulations of the EU and the International Civil Aviation Organization. The eID cards will be used for receiving electronic services and will serve as an identification document in electronic communication with the state and local government institutions. The eIDs will also serve as a personal identification document for traveling within the European Union.
The eIDs will be issued together with electronic authorization codes and instructions for using the electronic signature. The Regional Development and Local Government Affairs Ministry suggests using EU co-financing for development of IT systems and electronic services for the project in 2010.

The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association supports the plan for the introduction of the cards, and underlines that the electronic ID documents will allow for achieving the goals set by the government for overcoming the economic crisis: saving resources and reducing costs.