Company briefs - 2009-12-02

  • 2009-12-02
The Estonian Air Traffic Control Center lost about 300,000 kroons (19,200 euros) of income due to the recent strike by pilots at Finnish airline Finnair, reports LETA. The company’s board chairman Tanel Rautits said that although the strike lasted for just a few days, this was a large loss for his firm. Rautits said that the global economic crisis has hit the control center hard. The number of flights over Estonia has fallen by 6.5 percent, reducing income by around 13 percent, athough 10 percent of income comes from air traffic connected to Tallinn’s airport, the other 90 percent of income is connected to flights over Estonia. The company has lost around 30 million kroons of income this year.

The pharmaceuticals company Olainfarm Group earned 1,279,106 lats (1.8 million euros) in profit in the first nine months this year, reports LETA. This compares to a loss of 1,352,930 lats loss for the period last year. Chairman of the Board Valerijs Maligins says that “record-breaking profits... are thanks to timely investments in promoting sales on the markets in Russia and C.I.S. countries, and successful work on new products and cooperation with partners, which resulted in several large-scale supply agreements.” Non-audited results show revenue in the first nine months reached 15.2 million lats, 0.5 percent less than in the same period of 2008.