Buongiorno Italia: Toto Cutugno ready with his only concert in the Baltics

  • 2009-11-04
  • By Julia Balandina

THE SWOONING BEGINS: The Italian crooner brings his passion and romance to the Baltic audience.

TALLINN - When you hear this name, the first thing that comes to mind is his hoarse voice, singing "Lasciate mi cantare." But if you dig into your memory, you can definitely remember a few more famous songs, such as "Solo Noi" or "Donna, Donna Mia..."

In fact, it was Toto, who deserves our recognition for at least a half of French and Italian hits that people listened to in the '70s and '80s. Cutugno wrote 16 songs for Joe Dassin, including the legendary "Et si tu n'existais pas." Usually, when we say Joe Dassin, mostly we recall songs of Toto Cutugno. The 12 best songs of Andriano Celentano are also the handiwork of Cutugno. He also wrote various hits for Mireille Mathieu, gave his creativity to Michel Sardou, Domenico Modugno, Delilah and many others. The musician also composed soundtracks to many European movies. In short, Toto has created an entire musical era. Until now, he considers himself primarily a composer, and only then a singer.

His success in composing began in 1975, when the artistic director of Joe Dassin, Jacques Plait, discovered the young Italian talent and offered him to write music for the famous singer. Since then, France has become a second home for Cutugno.

However, the first who appreciated Cutugno as an artist was Italian TV's most well-known face, Mike Buogiorno. For his program Toto wrote the song "Donna, Donna Mia." Mike insisted that the song go on the air with the author's performance. That's when Cutugno first came out of the shadows. In the French and Italian hit charts "Donna" remained on top for a long time. In 1980, the 37-year-old singer with the song "Solo Noi" took first place at the song festival in San Remo. Three years later, at the same festival Toto sang "L'italiano." He didn't win with this song, but it made the singer a legend. Initially, Cutugno wrote this composition for Celentano, but the singer decided that to fulfill this patriotic piece was too much to take, the author himself had to enter the history of music with his creation. And he made history with his "L'italiano."

The year 1990 was the most successful year for the artist. That year he represented Italy at the annual Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Insieme… 1992," which was dedicated to European unification. And this song brought him victory. Toto has continued to perform at festivals and to tour the world, gathering 'sold out' concerts. In 1993 Toto suddenly disappeared from the world's scene, but after three years he returns and continues his successful performances at festivals in San Remo and other concerts.

Of course, being a handsome Italian, Toto is mostly loved by women's audiences. Very discreet, as most Italians are, the singer sends streams of passion from the stage, the TV screen and CDs. He adores, loves women, and they respond in the same manner.
Out of many gentle hints and jokes, said by Cutugno in his interviews, we can conclude that there were many women in the singer's life and he was satisfied with all of them. Nevertheless, the main women in his life are his mother and wife.

The singer is always nice to his fans. If you, ladies, will attend the singer's only concert in the Baltic states, you will surely hear something like "here are the most beautiful women he has ever seen," but if you give him flowers, he will definitely kiss you on both cheeks.
"I love people's eyes and smiles. The best feelings and genuine love I feel when I look into people's eyes. This love leads me through my life. And it is the secret of my youth. We must catch every moment and enjoy it!" says the singer about his life's credo.

For the true artist, the great scenic experience is not an obstacle to not continue to work. And such is also Toto Cutugno. He releases new discs, gathers 'sold out' concerts and, what is most important, while being a 66-year-old man, he is still full of inspiration and love for music. "Every day I feel very many emotions," said the Italian. "They give birth to music."
The artist also believes that his whole life is reflected in his songs. And about the story of his colorful life, Cutugno will tell his fans on Nov. 14 in Tallinn's Linnahall.