Company briefs - 2009-10-28

  • 2009-10-28
The EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council will increase the cod-fishing quota for Estonia in the Baltic sea while reducing the Baltic herring and sprat quota, reports LETA. Fishing volumes were adjusted based upon the state of fish stocks in the Baltic sea. The Baltic herring quota for Estonia next year in the Livonian Bay is 16,809 tons, 4.1 percent more than this year. The Baltic herring quota in the middle of the Baltic sea was reduced by 12 percent, to 14,198 tons. The sprat quota will be 43,522 tons, 5 percent less than this year. Cod-fishing in the eastern part of the Baltic sea was increased 15 percent to 1,148 tons; in the western part by 8.3 percent, to 171 tons. Estonian fishermen last year in the Baltic sea caught 31,838 tons of Baltic herring, 972 tons of cod and 48,601 tons of sprats.