The Internet society is not happy with the election results

  • 2009-10-22
  • TBT staff and wire reports

Afterthe municipal election results came to knowledge, anti-centristcalls to de-register from Tallinn have appeared in the Internet andseveral social nets.

Sucha suggestion has found both, followers and opponents. Among the consof such a measure, people mention, that the result of it can bedoubtful and probably will not lead to any changes.

The lack of theplan are obvious to the Tallinn's inhabitants too, still they don'tconsider them to be essential 's for instance, in Tallinn it isdifficult to get a place in the Kindergarten or to enlist the childinto a school, nevertheless it is much more difficult in over citiesand districts.

Theidea to de-register from Tallinn was also mentioned by the EestiEkspress journalist, Yuku-Kalle Rayd, who personally urged to thinkabout de-registration, to stop the taxes from getting into EdgarSavisaar's hands.