The taxation will not be crutual

  • 2009-10-22
  • TBT staff and wire reports

Forthe majority(85%) of flat owners the real estate tax, which is mostprobably going to be induced next year, will not surpass a 15 lats ayear. It is on the assumption of the tax staying beyond 0.1% (fromcadastral value) mark.

Besidesthat, about 2% of the residents will be paying a tax in the size of30 lats a year. This will be the accommodation keepers, who'shousing's price is bigger then 30 000 lats.

Accordingto the data from State Land Service, there are only 5 private housescurrenly in Latvia, with a cadastral value larger then 500 000 lats.The owners of these houses will have to pay at least 500 lats ayear as a real estate tax.

Whatconcerns the majority of the house owner(80%) the taxation will be upto 10 lats a year. Still were will be several house owners(5%) whowill be charged more then 30 lats a year.