Riigikogu passes the "Bronze Night package"

  • 2009-10-16
  • TBT staff from wire reports

TALLINN - Riigikogu has passed the so called "Bronze Nightpackage", which were not acclaimed by the president of EstoniaToomas Hendrik Ilves, with 54 votes. 13 deputies have voted againstit an none have abstained.

The act of adjusting penitentiary codex, public service act and thealien act are changing penitentiary codex paragraphs, which determinethe penalties for extortive activity pointed against the government,treason and committed by foreigners anti-State deeds.

Provision is also made for penalties being given for the supportingthe war against Estonian Republic, for conspiracy against EstonianRepublic, for pointed against Estonian Republic falsification ,anti-State impact on police forces and for preparing massdisturbances.

President Ilves, who has declined the act earlier, has considered twochanges of the citizenship law, to be contradictory with currentEstonian constitution.