• 2009-10-08
  • By Michael Litvinsky

THE OTHER MOTHER: In an alternate world everything is different – even moms.

Director: Henry Selick

"Coraline"- the new, phantasmagorical creation of the director of "The Nightmare before Christmas," Henry Selick, introduces us to a new world hidden under a small secret door, where everyone is surprisingly nice, sweet and caring and where every one has buttons instead of eyes.
The story starts by showing us an eleven-or-so-year old girl with a peculiar name, Coraline (Dakota Fanning), completely forgotten by her parents and desperately in need of a friend. Suddenly, she discovers a small door, through which she gets into another world (exactly like the real one, only with people being much nicer). Nevertheless, the new world turns out to be not as harmless as it has looked at first.

  Selick, using an unseen before animation, manages to deliver an amazing specter of emotion, making the viewer feel as if he is present at a puppet show, which makes both children and adults enjoy the happenings on the screen.

Famous Hollywood actresses Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher (the star of "Desperate Housewives"), who gave their voices to the two main characters 's Coraline and "The Other Mother," in association with Keith David, the voice for The Black Cat, make the characters absolutely full of life, despite their unrealistic looks and the impossibility of the whole story in general.

So if you have decided to see the cartoon 's do it, do it immediately, you won't regret a minute spent on it. "Coraline" is a wonderful experience for everyone who hasn't yet forgotten what it is like to be a child.  

Now showing in Latvia.

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