Eesti in brief - 2009-09-23

  • 2009-09-23
The First Lady's Foundation of the President of the Republic's Cultural Foundation announced the competition for the Young Athlete's Prize, with maximum prize money of 50,000 kroons (3,200 euros). The prize is intended to acknowledge young, under 21-year-olds producing
excellent academic achievements. The prize is earmarked and intended to cover training and competition costs and is being financed by Nordea Bank. According to the organizers, applications can be handed in until Oct. 30. Candidates for the prize may be nominated by the young athletes' coaches, instructors, schools, sports clubs, sports associations and the members of the First Lady's advisory board. To apply for the prize, applicants must submit a written
application with personal data and a short biography; the applicant's need for the grant; the young athlete's educational results; a letter of recommendation and assessment from the school; recommendations from coaches, instructors, sports clubs or sports associations.

The first free recharging spot for electric cars in Estonia opened on Sept. 21 in Tallinn, reports Internet portal The recharging connection is in the Vabaduse square underground parking lot. This also happens to be the final event of a week dedicated to the pan-European environmentally-friends means of transport. Currently, electric cars can park for free at the Vabaduse square for the entire year, and the city will also pay for the electricity that is needed to recharge car batteries. Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar said that the city intends to open more recharging spots in other parking lots as well. According Savisaar, the main reasons for advocating 'green' transport, in addition to reduction of fossil fuel consumption and climate warming, is to reduce air pollution and noise in the capital.