Coca-Cola to move factory from Estonia to Latvia

  • 2009-09-14
  • TBT Staff
TALLINN - The Coca-Cola Company has announced that they will be movingoperations from Estonia to Latvia. PiretJaaks, the Estonian representative of Coca-Cola told reporters at Aripaev dailythat the company is still in the auditing process and will buy land for the newfactory in Latviaafter the necessary permits have been attained.

The company is also waiting for the purchase analysis to becompleted.

"As we'vesaid before we will then look at project's business side andtake decision on following steps," Jaaks told reporters.

The location of the new factory may be located in Ropazi,Latvia, and it is yetunknown whether the move may create more jobs in Latvia,and what will become of the current Estonia employees.

There was also no comment on what the company intends to do with the currentEstonian Coca-Cola factory. No dates have been confirmed as to the moving ofthe factory.

Coca-Cola HBC Estonia, according to Jaaks, has not yet filed their annualreport for 2008 and that the company audit is still underway.