Globe-trotting consultants converge on Tallinn

  • 2009-07-23

When the going gets tough, the tough generally get together for discussion and to come up with solutions. So it is in today's difficult economic environment, as the experts came together for the first International Business Conference's program "Planning of International Business: Actual Corporate and Financial Solutions" held in Tallinn from July 15 's 17. The main objective of the event was to provide a venue for discussion of current issues in tax planning and international banking activities in Europe.

The idea of organizing the conference was initiated by the desire to establish direct dialogue among leading global companies offering services in international tax planning, financial institutions providing banking services, and business owners interested in the development of their businesses and in retention of their customers in this economic climate. Interest in doing business internationally by using the corporate and tax law advantages of select countries remains strong, especially in the midst of the global financial crisis. Business owners, chief executive officers and top-level managers are seeking different ways to minimize risks and retain profits using all possible instruments and strategies of tax and financial planning.

Speaking at the conference were experts with international consulting companies, banks, law and auditing firms. Over 60 delegates from Europe, CIS and Baltic countries took part. This included chief executive officers, top-managers, owners of trading companies, investors, industrial company representatives, and specialists in law and finance.

The conference organizers, IMPEX CONSULT, out of Moscow, and Management & Bookkeeping Services in Tallinn were satisfied with the conference results and expressed hope that next year there will be more participants. Active discussions of burning issues for the entire business community were the norm: asset protection, the use of international companies in tax and corporate planning, financial solutions successfully in use in international practice. The conference attendees for future events should benefit similarly, with useful information in all areas of international tax planning provided.
The Baltic Times was an official media partner in the event.