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Estonia Air stops Paris route

  • 2009-07-15
  • TBT staff

TALLINN- Estonian Air will cease flying to Paris ahead ofschedule, shutting down the route permanently as of October1.

"Paris is a seasonal route which will be closed sooner thanplanned due to smaller demand for vacation trips. Alternative options will beoffered to passengers who have tickets to canceled flights," Rauno Parras, thedeputy commercial director told Logistikauudised.

Andrus Aljas, the CEO of Estonian Air had spoken earlier that hewas dissatisfied with the risks associated with the Parisian route.

"We sold it long in advance and in France there were many groups thatwanted to make a tour of the Baltics 's to come to Tallinn and leave fromVilnius or vice versa. Today these groups have gone, as no one is flying toParis after flyLAL in Vilnius disappeared. A thing that is not depending on uswill hit us seriously. In general we're not satisfied with holiday routes sincepeople save on vacations more than before," Aljas said.

Estonia Air had previously planned to stop the route on October 25.