U.S. embassy releases blacklist of clubs

  • 2009-07-15
  • TBT staff

RIGA- The United StatesEmbassy in Riga has updated its list of locations which have been reported as placescharging extortionate prices for foreigners and a number of other crimes.

On 7 July 2009,the Regional Security Officer at the American Embassy placed the followingestablishments off-limits for American staff, their family members and TDYofficial visitors:

Babylon (formerly Roxy Klub) 's Kalku 24, Riga; located near the entrance to Old Town on Kalku street.

Royal (formerly Lord's Puband Groks Pub) - Kalku 22, Riga; located next door to Babylon (formerly Roxy Klub).

Saxon 's Laipu 7, Riga; located near Livu Square in a small street to the right ofrestaurant Steiku Haoss.

Foxy Lounge 's Terbatas 2,Riga; located below the "Fashion Café" in the basement of the Vegas casino atthe corner of Terbatas and Merkela streets near the flower market.

Infinity Bars (formerly BarFly) 's Vagnera 8, Riga; located near Livu Square in a small street to the right of Babylon (formerly Roxy), Royal (formerlyLord's and Groks) and Puzzle (formerly Pink Panther).

Mary 's Audeju 13, Riga; located on the east side ofGalleria Center Mall in Old Town.

Pussy Lounge (formerly DollHouse and Zig Zag) 's Marstalu 12, Riga; located to the right of ReformedChurch.

Puzzle (formerly PinkPanther) 's Kalku 22, Riga; located next door to Royal(formerly Lord's Pub and Groks Pub).

Roxbury (formerlyMademoiselle Cigar Club) 's Valnu iela, Riga; located in Old Town across from Lounge 8.

Sakura (formerly NobuSushi) 's Grecinieku 28, Riga; located in Old Town.

Versace 's Maza Jaunavu, Riga; located down a dead end street in Old Town.

Zephyr Bar 's Audeju, Riga; located near Galleria Center in Old Town.

Cognac Bar 's Baznicas 1/3, Riga.

The Department of Stateurges American citizens to take responsibility for their own personal securitywhile traveling overseas. For general information about appropriate measurestravelers can take to protect themselves in an overseas environment, see theDepartment of State's "A Safe Trip Abroad."