Hannah Montana, The Movie

  • 2009-04-30
  • By Jana Belugina

BACK TO THE BASICS: The teenage star finds that living on a farm outside of the limelight is actually not so bad in this popular TV series turned movie.

"Hannah Montana" is the movie based on the extremely popular television series that is produced by the Disney Channel. Even though the target group it is aimed at are fans of these series, the film will be interesting to see for any child, whether they enjoy the television series or not.

The plot is based on the story of the popular teenage singer Hannah Montana, played by the real teenage star Miley Cyrus. Montana is living a double life 's one as a glamorous pop idol for her fans and the other as an average middle school student who goes by the name of Miley Stewart.
 Only a few of her closest friends and family know who Hannah Montana really is, and this of course causes considerable unrest among some members of the paparazzi. At some point in the life of the girl, she started to get too much attention 's Miley now seems to have started showing the first signs of star disease.

Her father 's played in the movie by Miley's real father Billy Ray Cyrus, a famous American country singer 's recognizes that his daughter is about to be swept up in the life of a pop-star and decides to gather the whole family at their farm in Tennessee, where they are actually from.

Miley is faced with a normal life that lacks her usual comfort and popularity, but this helps her re-evaluate many things, understand the importance of simplicity and learn to build relationships.
This is a typical Disney-style modern teenage fairytale, and as such it is not advised to be visited by anyone older than 14, other than for the beautiful cinematography, good music and great actors.

Though for the target audience this will surely rank as a 5 star film, those who fall beyond those borders might get allergic.

Now showing in Estonia, coming soon in Latvia.


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