6500 tons of fertilizer costs company millions

  • 2009-04-21
  • TBT Staff

The fertilizer that vanished represents one tenth of Estonia's fertilizer needs.

TALLIN- In an unusual case of embezzlement, it would appearthat 33 million kroons (2 million euros) was lost by Konekesko, anEstonian agricultural transport company after 6500 tons of fertilizer wentmissing.

Enn Pustak at Viru Region Prosecution said that this signifiesembezzlement to a huge extent. 

As reported by Estonian daily Aripaev, theculprit is assumed to be one of Konekesko's own workers.

Pustak said the companyis now undergoing an audit to see if they can't trace where the money went.

 Despite the humor in thematter, the missing fertilizer represents about a tenth of Estonia's fertilizer needs.

 CEO of Konekesko Tonu Kelder wasquoted as saying: ""6500 tons! One person with one truck doesn'ttake such quantity. It can't be possible. We currently don't know who's guilty,investigation is ongoing and questionings have been done."

 Konekesko Ltd. Currently operates in Finland and all three Baltic states and Russia. Thecompany since the 1950s, chiefly represents the agricultural machinery sector butfocuses on agricultural goods in the Baltics.