Teachers salaries to be cut 20 percent

  • 2009-04-20
  • TBT staff

RIGA - Teachers' salaries are to be reduced by 20 percent per shift asthe discussions between the Education and Science Ministry and teachers unionsagreed.

Among the options on the table, this proposal had been the most likely candidatefor acceptance. Inga Stale, Director of the finance department of the Ministrysaid that they took into consideration the terms and conditions of the changesso the process would not affect the reforms to be carried out in the educationsector. Among the proposed changes is the plan to turn control of the schools overto local municipalities.  

The government still needs to approve the proposal andshould it pass, salaries will be reduced by 69 lats (98 euros) per shift.

Latvian Education and Science Workers Union'srepresentative Baiba Baskere said that despite the agreement, protests from theunion will continue to take place. A strike is also being considered, she said.
However, the good news for teachers according to Stale is that should thegovernment approve even tighter budget cuts, teachers salaries would definitelynot be reduced as the salaries would then not reach the level of minimum wage.