Monsters vs. Aliens

  • 2009-04-15
  • By Jana Belugina

IT'S WHAT'S INSIDE: Despite their grotesque appearances, the monsters seem to have good spirits and are willing to help out the rest of humanity.

Director Rob Letterman and Conrad Vernon

"Monsters vs. Aliens" is yet another cartoon pleasure produced by Dream Works. The cartoon is full of amazing humor and incredible nostalgia for the films of '50s and '60s, which makes it very enjoyable for sophisticated cinema lovers of all ages.
3D technology used for the creation of the animation, plants the viewer right in the middle of the life on the screen.

Susan, a relatively average girl from California, U.S.A., is hit by a meteorite right on her wedding day. From that moment on, her life changes forever.
Susan starts to grow larger and larger, and eventually turns into a very big and powerful girl who is fifteen meters tall. U.S. Special Forces step in and lock her on a government base with other monsters. Some of these monsters include Dr Cockroach, a bright scientist who has transformed himself into a roach-human hybrid, B.O.B., the gelatinous, brainless result of a scientific experiment, the lizard man, the Missing Link and a huge larva known as Insectosaurus.

Yet soon it becomes clear that a bad alien, Gallaxhar, is planning on conquering the planet Earth.
After his first attack, the hilarious and very brave President (as he calls himself), decides to grant the monsters freedom in exchange for their aid in fighting against Gallaxhar.
Do not try to find any deep ideas or morals in the plot of this film. The rather primitive story-line of "aliens attacking the planet" is perfectly balanced by great graphics and animation.
The humor and inclusion of classic characters from the last centuries' fiction movies do the rest thus 's resulting in a film that manages to succeed on many different levels.

The cartoon is aimed at various audiences, but the maximum pleasure will be received by a so-called "advanced" viewer. The rest will enjoy wonderful, detailed animation and graphics that are well defined down to the very last pixel for each character, as well as the continuous stream of jokes, humor and spectacular action.

Now showing in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.


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