UK demands more security knowledge

  • 2009-04-15
  • TBT staff

VILNIUS- Authorities in the United Kingdom are demanding better security knowledge onconvicted people coming to the country after a series of brutal murders.

Lithuanian Vitas Plytnykas, who killed a womanbefore chopping off her head and hands and dumping them in the sea, was singledout as a prime example. He had a previous conviction for manslaughter in Germany.

The authorities areconcerned about "loopholes" in immigration policies that allow criminals fromEuropean countries into Britain.

"Two young womenhave tragically lost their lives, killed in Scotland by men who had convictions for violence beforethey arrived on these shores," an official said.

"It is clear thatthe U.K. needs a joined up strategy to deal with what isoften a hidden problem, emerging after something terrible has happened.Currently there are people entering Scotland every day for whom we have no idea of theirbackground."