• 2009-04-08
  • By Jana Belugina

SCRABBLE: The seemingly random assortment of numbers actually predicts deadly accidents.

Director:  Alex Poyas

The film begins in the year 1959, when children are drawing messages to those students of the future who will open the time capsule on the 50th anniversary of their school.
While most of the students draw pictures of robots and space ships, one student, the very quiet and mysterious Lucinda, simply continues to write row after row of numbers.

After 50 years, the time capsule is opened and each student is given a message from the past. Caleb Myles (Chandler Canterbury) gets the message left by Lucinda. While at first the list seems nonsensical, one sleepless night Caleb's father, Ted (Nicolas Cage), turns his attention to the list of numbers.
After careful examination, Ted finds that the numbers are actually a series of dates, places and the number of victims of all the great catastrophes for the past 50 years. There are three more dates, and two of them come to reality just as was predicted by the list.

There is one more number to go, and Ted realizes that this final date is going to be the last day of Earth.
Working together with Lucinda's daughter, Ted does everything in his power to prevent the last number from coming true. Meanwhile, their children hear strange voices and are followed by strange people.
In a few words, the film is about the end of the world 's a theme for a story that is as old as the world itself. The choice for this storyline, however, seems very strange, if not absolute nonsense.

The logic behind everything happening on the screen is very vague 's something that unfortunately ruins a good performance on the part of the actors and truly superior work from the cinematographer.
It is a good film in terms of the cinematography and music, and it certainly deserves praise for pinning the success of the film on the actors instead of on computer-generated special effects 's a trend that is becoming all too common in these sorts of films.

A bit more logical progression in the plot would have made this movie one that you wouldn't feel sorry buying a cinema ticket to go see.

Now showing in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


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