New in Town

  • 2009-03-25
  • By Jana Belugina

NEW ARRIVAL: This fun, feel-good film is sure to leave a warm feeling.

Director: Jonas Elmer

The plot of "New in Town" is rather banal, but nevertheless interesting. Successful careerist Lucy, played by Renee Zellweger, has become accustomed to the glamorous life in sunny Miami, Florida, but is sent by her job to a little snow-covered town in Minnesota.

She steps in as the new head of a manufacturing plant ahead of a big promotion. She is tasked with installing machinery to do most of the work and laying off most of the staff.
She knows that she did not come to the town to make friends 's and so she is harsh on the employees and sarcastic with the locals. It is little surprise then that she finds herself friendless shortly after arriving in town.

Soon after that, however, simple people with their simple lives and interests start to interest her more than she would have expected, and she begins to become involved in the everyday affairs of the townspeople.
It should be mentioned that the actors all had quite strong performances 's it was nothing extraordinary, but nothing too bad either. It was full of good, moderate and honest acting. Slim and elegant Zellweger contrasts nicely with the brutal and simple Harry Connick Jr. Other less famous, but still very great, actors help to make this movie an enjoyable pleasure.

The film can also boast a great soundtrack, stunning snowy landscapes and a predictable but fairy-tale solution to all of the problems.
"New in Town" is a great comedy with an inevitable happy ending and love story.
Do not expect something greater than a good laugh and a light feeling. It is certainly not a film that will overload the brain to watch.

"New in Town" is recommended for a night out with the girls, or maybe to watch at home with a bottle of good wine, wrapped in a warm blanket and tucked away from a cold and nasty evening.

Opens April 10 in Latvia and April 17 in Estonia


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