• 2009-03-25
  • By Justinas Vainilavicius

DOUBLE CROSS: Clive Owen stars in this intriguing tale of corporate deceit.

Director Tony Gilroy

Two years after creating the highly critically acclaimed "Michael Clayton," screenwriter and director Tony Gilroy has returned with "Duplicity," starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. The stirring film tells the story of two corporate spies mingled in a vortex of love and deceit.

Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts) and Ray Koval (Clive Owen) 's who had a steamy past while they were still working as CIA and MI6 spies, respectively 's meet once again, this time retired from their government jobs and involved in a war between two pharmaceutical companies, Burkett and Equikrom.
The film's twisted plot, with a number of flashbacks, reveals that the two of them are working together in order to intensify the competition between the corporations and secure their own benefits. It is unclear until the very end what they are really up to and who is playing whom.

Though hugely entertaining, "Duplicity" also seems to have too many twists in its narrative 's and not all of them work harmoniously to advance the plot. This distracts the audience from really getting involved in the movie, as viewers spend too much time trying to figure out what is really going on.
Nevertheless, the thrilling atmosphere of multinational intelligence, corporate and other similar units trying to outsmart large and powerful entities 's an atmosphere present in Gilroy's previous films, such as the series of Bourne films 's prevails in his latest work as well.

The cast of actors is also this film's strong side. Clive Owen has starred in similar movies for a while now, and he keeps delivering surprises every time. Nevertheless, the real star in "Duplicity" is Julia Roberts, who, although she seems to be stuck with working on one film per year, shows real class when she takes a part.
When the potential for restlessness grows, Gilroy pleases his audience with a perfect group of supporting actors, including hilarious acts from Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti in their roles of CEOs from the rival companies.

The mix of thrill and romance, flavored with a fair amount of witty dialogue, makes the film a perfect comedy. Not a silly one, but smart and absorbing.

Showing in Latvia and Lithuania. Opens in Estonia March 27.


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