Grybauskaite in the lead-early polls

  • 2009-03-16
  • TBT staff

VILNIUS, Mar 16, BNS 's A recent poll shows that almost three-fourths ofresidents in Lithuania's five major cities and towns, want to see EU Commissioner DaliaGrybauskaite as the country's next president.

The poll, conducted by Prime Consulting,showed that more than half of the remaining presidential contenders areunlikely to win any percentage of votes in the election in May. .

Some 73.6 percent of respondents said that they would vote for Grybauskaite.Her two closest competitors, Algirdas Butkevicius and Valentinas Mazuronis,would receive about 4.6 percent and 2.6 percent of votes, respectively.

Some 1.2 percent of those polled said they would vote for KazimiraPrunskiene, and 0.6 percent for Arunas Valinskas.

Another 10.2 percent said they had not decided who would get their vote and7.2 said they would not vote.

Prime Consulting polled 500 residents of Lithuania's five major cities andtowns on Mar. 9 through 11.

Thirteen candidates have registered to run in the presidential elections,the first round of which will be held on May 17.