Ghost hunters make way to Latvia

  • 2009-02-03
  • TBT Staff
LIEPAJA- Famed paranormal experts from U.S. TV show Ghost Hunters is gettingready to explore the ghostly aura of Liepaja'sKarosta prison.

Even before the last prisoner left in 1997, tales of hauntingshave surrounded the territory. The most prevalent of ghostly tales is that ofthe White Lady.

 In 1944 the German army caught a young Latvian man on thestreet and locked him in jail. The young man had to get married in a couple ofweeks. His bride managed to get through to him to the cell, but it was toolate, the young man had already been shot.The woman then proceeded to commit suicidein the prison cell.
Her ghost has been seen wandering around the Karosta territory, slamming heavyprison doors, switching off light bulbs, charging mobile phones, etc., saidMonta Krafte of Liepajas information center.

Ghost Hunters International producers believe that the TV show willsignificantly increase popularity of Karosta in the world.

Karosta jail was constructed in the early 20th century. In2002 an organization for preservation of Karosta jail was established, managingthe jail and the territory.

The team of international ghost hunters has already visited famous English andScottish castles, as well as haunted sites in Peru,Singapore, Sweden, the Philippines and other countries.

Liepaja'sKarosta jail is the only Baltic site in their project, reported Krafte.