New Energy Ministry for Lithuania

  • 2009-01-26
  • TBT staff

VILNIUS- Despite calls for a veto,President Valdas Adamkus signed the bill creating the new Energy Ministry.

Adamkus in a press release said that Lithuanianeeds an institution responsible for energy policies.

"I have signed this bill because I believe in the government'scommitment to implement its crisis management program and in its promises,including that to revise certain doubtful provisions of hastily adoptedlaws," Adamkus said.

Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has assured the president that theestablishment of the Energy Ministry will not require any additional fundingfrom the state budget or cause economic strain.

Businessman Arvydas Sekmokas is likely to head up the new ministry.

The Energy Ministry brings the total ministries in Lithuania to fourteen.