Transporter 3

  • 2009-01-21
  • By Jana Belugina

NO GOOD: Natalya Rudakova fails to inspire with her role as the kidnapped daughter of a Ukrainian politician in this lackluster sequal.

Director:  Oliver Megaton

Luc Besson has understood, ever since the wild success of "Taxi," that fast cars combined with a good sense of humor will sell. Once he completely squeezed the plot of "Taxi" dry, Besson created the similar story of the "Transporter," where Frank Martin has to face a set of challenges while transporting illegal packages.
Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham, is a spectacular driver, never asks questions and always performs his assignments with the knowledge that he would be killed if he fails.

After the success of the first movie, a sequel was inevitable 's and Besson managed to make a decent action film out of the second one. However, Besson appeared to be a very unpredictable man, as he has now completely destroyed the line of movies. "Transporter 3," his worst production to date, is now showing on the big screen.

This time Frank has to transport the kidnapped daughter of a Ukrainian politician. The choice of Natalya Rudakova to play the kidnapped girl is where the disaster begins. Absolutely no logical explanations come to mind as to why this woman, who cannot even be even called an actress, was selected to play Valentina.
However, there is nothing much to play anyway 's she just had to drink vodka, take hallucinogenic pills, repeat long and boring monologues about food and try to seduce the main character. This could have been done by basically any other girl, with the only difference being that another actress could have at least been pretty.
Jason Statman's naked torso is probably the only bright moment of this 95 minute long waste of time. Speed and fancy driving are absent.

There is only one pathetic fight scene, held in a garage. As for humor and jokes 's the whole movie is a joke, but not a funny one.
Now showing Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia


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