Bride Wars

  • 2009-01-14
  • By Monika Hanley

TIE THE KNOT: Two brides battle to keep their wedding date in this uninspired comedy.

Director: Gary Winick

Anne Hathaway seems to want to get married. A lot. This is the more comedic of her two current bridal movies 's the other one being "Rachel Getting Married." While "Rachel Getting Married" might get Hathaway the Oscar nomination many say is well deserved, "Bride Wars" probably isn't going to get her much of anything, let alone rave reviews.    

Kate Hudson, on the other hand, is used to performing in this sort of fluffy movie fare.
Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) are best friends who, in a foreshadowing moment, both happen to catch the bouquet at another friends wedding. After then being proposed to by their respective boyfriends, the squealing pair starts the wedding planning process. As any good New York girl knows, the most glamorous place to have the wedding reception is at the Plaza Hotel. Both the friends plan to have their wedding the same month, and hold their receptions at the Plaza. Due to a computer glitch made by planner Marion (Candice Bergen), however, only one can have the day they wanted.

But really, if you think about it, wouldn't one of the friends have realistically rescheduled her date or made plans elsewhere? It makes you wonder if they were really such good friends to begin with if they got so vindictive. Instead of talking it through and working something out, vengeful gears start turning in the women's brains and the bride war begins. Not that it's anything too crazy, just normal vindictive girly stunts of trying to ruin the look of the wedding or just messing with each others heads (by turning the other's hair blue).
If you're an American watching the movie overseas, you'll be reminded of something you probably wished to forget; namely the "bridezilla" phenomenon. The whole idea that a wedding is all about where it's held, who's wearing what and what expensive unnecessary items are must-haves that really have nothing to do with what marriage is all about, which would hopefully be love.

The ending is as typical as you'd expect from a chick flick, although not without a little wedding dress catfight thrown into the mix.
The only slightly joyous thing in the movie is that Anne Hathaway gets to play a little bit of a mean girl, instead of the shy quiet girl trying to fight her way to recognition. So if you like watching girls be mean, this is the film for you.

There's nothing really terrible about this movie, which Hudson herself produced, but there's really nothing wonderful about it. Mindless drivel really. In an attempt to be witty, Liv warns Emma "If I were your wedding, I'd be sleeping with one eye open." I'd recommend the audience take this advice if they find themselves in a situation where they might have to watch this film, although instead of one eye open, go ahead and keep them both closed.

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