Estonia least financially vulnerable of Baltics

  • 2009-01-13
  • TBT Staff
TALLINN- According to IMF Central European head Christoph Rosenberg, "Estoniais less vulnerable than other Baltic countries. The state has big buffer, thebudget has been in surplus for several years, the country has resources," he saidin an interview with Arileht Estonian daily.  

The IMF has already voiced its views on Latvia, and is currentlydistributing aid. The IMF also predicts however, that the Lithuanian economywill fall 2 percent in 2009 whereas the state of Lithuania predicts a 1.2 percenteconomic growth.

Outside the Baltics the IMF sees Poland as in the best condition inEaster Europe.

IMF Central Europe head Rosenbergexplains: "Polanddidn't have bubbles like Baltics. Poland is fundamentally in a goodposition."