Less stench in Vilnius

  • 2008-12-23
  • In cooperation with NIB
VILNIUS- Vilnius residents have another reason to smile this holiday seasonas a 10.3 million euro loan from the Nordic Investment Bank is going forhalving the volume and stench of wastewater sludge in the city.

The loan, agreed upon Dec. 22, will insure the building of a new treatmentfacility that will treat the sludge, making it able to be used in a power plantor as fuel.

"It is important to continue with environmental investments also duringdifficult times. The project of Vilniaus vandenys is a good example of that.Treating and recycling sludge will not only help improve the environment inVilnius, but also cut hazardous discharges to rivers leading to the Baltic Sea,which is a priority for NIB and important for the region as a whole," saidJohnny Akerholm, Nordic Investment Bank president and CEO in a press release.