• 2008-12-17
  • By Monika Hanley

BLOOD LOVE: The two main characters, an immortal vampire and a human teenage girl, spend a large portion of the movie gazing into each other's eyes.

Director: Catherine Hardwicke

It may be hard to imagine a film where a girl falls in love with a vampire giving much insight into human emotion and dreams, but Twilight does just that. In much the same way that an orphan boy in England discovering he was a wizard touched the hearts of millions, this vampire love story achieves greatness.
Though most 's myself included 's would argue that the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer was far better than the movie, the film still holds its own regardless of the merits of the book.
The film is set in one of the rainiest towns in the U.S., Forks, Washington 's the ideal small-town setting for a gloomy vampire laden tale.

Though the plot has a difficult time rolling along, the best scenes are the ones filled with tension between Bella and Edward with gratuitous close-ups and eye shots. The one thing the movie captures best is that frantic feeling of love. The feeling that they would rather die than see the person they love leave. Despite this note of desperation, there is something that everyone can relate to or even perhaps aspire to.
The film dips into the psychological as well, exploring the sort of white-knight complex that Bella seems to have. Edward, her knight, is constantly saving her from herself and from other vampires who are intent on having her for a snack.

What makes this movie successful is that it's not your typical fantasy film. The main character, along with the audience, finds out Edward's secret, what it means to be a vampire and what it is they really do. There are some elements, such as the Native American tribe's aversion to the vampire family, that are not explained, but will presumably be featured more prominently in the second film.

Despite the films overwhelming popularity with screaming teen girls who camped out to see the first showing, the film speaks more about relationships and human interaction than teen angst. While the film may not be suitable for younger audiences, I would safely recommend the film to anyone who has loved, lost, loved again or simply likes a good vampire battle.

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