Lithuanian government seen as mediocre

  • 2008-12-09
  • TBT staff in cooperation with BNS

VILNIUS - Lithuania's15th Cabinet of Ministers, appointed by President Adamkus, has not met withmuch enthusiasm among residents of the country's five major cities and towns, apoll by has found.

Some 44.9 percent of respondents thought that the new government is onlymediocre and no better than previous administrations, according to the pollcarried out for the Veidas weekly magazine.

Another 23.6 percent think that the new administration is unprofessional andwill soon fall apart

Nearly 20.3 percent of respondents have a positive opinion of the newgovernment and expect them "to do a lot."

Only 5.5 percent of those polled believe that the Cabinet of Ministers iscurrently the strongest branch of the government.

The call center polled 500 residents of Lithuania's five major cities and towns on Dec. 2 through 4.