Three million euro frozen in 2008

  • 2008-12-09
  • TBT staff in cooperation with BNS

RIGA- The Latvian Office for Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds from Criminal Activity so far this year has frozen a total of 2.2 million lats (3.13 mln euro) of potentially dirty money.

Diana Veidemane, the deputy head of the Latvian anti-money laundering office, told BNS that 81 orders have been issued regarding freezing suspicious funds.

"By the beginning of Dec. 2008, the anti-money laundering office has forwarded law enforcement agencies 137 money laundering cases, including 15 major cases involving 10 to 81 suspects. Large amounts of money -- between one million and 20 million lats are involved in 22 of the cases sent to the law enforcement authorities," said Veidemane.

State officials are involved in 11 of the cases forwarded to the law enforcement agencies, and in two cases criminal proceedings have already begun.

Citing information from the prosecutor's office, the anti-money laundering office said that about 5.5 million lats of dirty money had been confiscated by the court ruling in 32 criminal proceedings this year.