Police bust major marijuana farm

  • 2008-11-06
  • TBT Staff in cooperation with BNS

Police said it was the largest marijuana bust in Latvian history.

TALSI 's Police have uncovered a massive marijuana farm in thecentral-Latvian city of Talsi alongwith approximately 500,000 lats (711,400 euros) worth of the plant. 

Police representatives said that the bust marked the largest farm ever foundin the country.

"This is the largest [marijuana] farm in Latvia that has been discovered so far. It cost 60,000 lats to build it and thetechnical arrangements are perfect," acting Customs Criminal Board chiefMarians Burijs told journalists.

The State Police said that the marijuana farm with the area of some 100square meters had been organized in a remote private property in the westernLatvian district of Talsi.

Three male suspects, all in late thirties, have been detained and the courthas ruled to keep them in custody.

A search of the premises turned up 5.3 kilograms of hashish, 18 kilograms ofmarijuana and 1,905 marijuana plants 's amounting to about 150 kilograms ofundried marijuana.

The pretrial investigation established that the suspects organized in therural property a marijuana farm and a drying house, installing powerfullighting, heating and ventilation equipment as well as pumps for watering theplants. Police said the operation had been active for a long time and the outputwas intended for sale outside Latvia.

Karlis Dombrovskis, the chief of the Anti-Drug Office under the OrganizedCrime Enforcement Department of the State Police, told the press that in viewof the complicated economic situation "enterprises" of this kindcould grow in Latvia and the law enforcement agencies might discover more such cases in future.

Investigation continues and several more suspects might be detained in thecase.