EU support on the rise

  • 2008-10-23
  • TBT Staff in cooperation with BNS
VILNIUS - A recent survey carried out by the Lithuanian government has found that support for membership in the European Union is on the rise in the country.

About 75 percent of respondents said they support EU membership, up from 69.2 percent three months ago.

According to the survey performed by the Vilmorus polling company, 14.9percent of the population holds a negative position on Lithuania's EUmembership and another 10 percent do not have a clear stance on the matter.

This indicates a positive change since the July survey when 15.9 percentof those polled were negative about the EU membership and 14.9 percent didnot have a stance, the government's press service reported.

Among supporters of EU membership are mainly people of the age group of18-49 years, with university education, as well as young people andspecialists, while the highest percentage of opponents is over the age of 70with elementary or unfinished secondary education, as well as unemployedpersons.