Outlaw inmates to lose smokes

  • 2008-10-13
  • TBT Staff in cooperation with BNS
RIGA - A government committee has endorsed amendments that would block jail inmates who breached regulations from purchasing tobacco at the prison shop.

The amendments to Latvian penal code developed by Latvian Justice Ministryprovide that the inmates may be punished for breaching the regulations oftheir sentence by prohibiting them from purchasing food products andtobacco products at the jail shop for a period of up to one month.

Prohibition to purchase tobacco and food is only one of the punishmentsapplied for the offenders. The other punishments include prohibition ofvisiting rights and rights to make telephone calls.

The amendments developed by the Justice Ministry also provide for therelease of the jail inmates on Friday or a day before holiday, if theirjail term expires on Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday.