Latvija in brief - 2008-10-08

  • 2008-10-08
Aviars Lembergs, the mayor of Ventspils has submitted an appeal against the decision to only partially reimburse the losses he suffered in the Grinbergs affair. Aviars Lembergs disputed the Justice Ministry's decision to pay out 2,386 lats (3,394 euros) on Oct. 2 and demanded a more favourable ruling, according to his attorney, Armands Sumanis. Lembergs' appeal to the Administrative District Court was related to the decision made by the ministry on Aug. 29 this year.The decision came after Lembergs' demand for 104,450 lats compensation of damage he suffered being wrongly accused in the Grinbergs affair. Both mayor and attorney were dissatisfied. The sum of compensation is inadequately small and not relevant to the actual losses, which resulted from the wrong accusations in this criminal case," said Sumanis.

Employees of companies who recruit illegal guest workers often report to the Latvian Border Guard, according to State Border Guard head, Gunars Dabolins. Dabolins told BNS that some companies, employing illegal guest workers, have their interior problems and an employee wanting to take revenge, reports to the border guard about these illegal workers. The guard then uses this information to catch illegal immigrants. Dabolins does not think that the number of illegal guest workers will grow in Latvia as next year unemployment is expected to reach 10 percent and no additional workforce will be needed. He said; "Illegal guest workers will understand that Latvia is not a good place for them after a while and then they will head to the west or the north. Security issues, though, will be as important as the Border Guard does not exclude that the illegal immigrants might turn to crime as a way to earn living."

Young Latvians may be able to live in New Zealand for up to a year, if an agreement is reached between the Latvian and New Zealand governments. The parliaments meet on Oct. 9 to discuss the possibilities for the youth of both countries to study, work and travel in the other country with more ease and less procedures. The objective of the document is to promote mobility of young people aged 18-30, and cooperation between Latvian and New Zealand, as well as expand opportunities of the young people to study, work, obtain experience, improve language and culture knowledge.