School quarantined following poisoning

  • 2008-09-03
  • In cooperation with BNS


RIGA- An elementary school inwestern Latviahas been shut down and quarantined after more than 20 teachers suffered foodpoisoning on the first day of school.


The Baltic News Service reports that the teachers probablyfell ill with salmonella after eating a cake to mark the first day of school.The elementary school, which is located in the western-Latvian town of Saldus, has been shut downuntil next Tuesday.


Though the exact number of teachers who fell ill is not yetknown, BNS reports that the principal and about two dozen teachers sufferedfrom the poisoning.

Several teachers are being treated in hospitals in Saldus and nearby Dobele.Representatives of the Dobele hospital in central Latvia said six to eight teachersfrom Saldus are being treated for fever and diarrhea at the hospital.

Test results confirming the exact cause of the sickness will be availableafter a few days.