Private security firm lambastes Latvian police

  • 2008-09-01
  • In cooperation with BNS
RIGA 's The headof one of Latvia'sleading private security firms has sharply criticized the country's policesecurity services.

In an interview with Lietiska Diena business magazine,Edgars Zalitis, board chairman of G4S Latvia and G4S Cash Services Latvia, saidthat it was unclear which events the police were able to provide securityservices for. He also pointed to corruption on the police force.

"If we bribe a road police, it is corruption and not a paidservice. But there is such a thing as paid services though," the privatesecurity firm head said.

"I think, as an individual, you are not in a position to buythis service so simply. For instance, [it is possible] to hire cops to guardyou and your girlfriend at a barbecue party, because the criteria are veryvague," he said.

By way of example, Zalitis pointed to two major festivalsthat took place in the seaside resort town of Jurmalathis summer. He said that private security firms were forced to provideservices to the Bi-2 pop music concert, while police were available for the NewEra music festival.

Earlier this year, Forbes magazine rated Latviaas one of "Europe's crime capitals."